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the safe, sustainable choice for your baby.

The wonder and magic of childhood is something you’ll find in every organicKidz® bottle. organicKidz® brings you the World’s First Stainless Steel Baby Bottles as a safe and practical alternative to plastic, aluminum and glass drinking containers. Made with babies and parents in mind, organicKidz® bottles are free of the toxins that plastics can contain and won’t break like glass bottles. From infant to toddler to school and beyond, our bottles provide your child with the Safe, Sustainable Choice.

our founder

Jane founded organicKidz® in 2008, out of a desire to provide children and parents with a toxin free, unbreakable alternative to plastic and glass bottles. “When the BPA scare hit, I felt tremendous guilt that my children had used plastic bottles. At the time I thought I was using the best bottles, but the brand I was using had the highest levels of BPA.  I don’t think I will ever get over that guilt, but it fueled a passion in me.”

Her focus ever since has been to get organicKidz® baby bottles into the hands of as many children as possible. What has been her most inspiring event since starting organicKidz®?

When she got a call from a pediatric ICU nurse from a Canadian hospital telling her the story of a 6 month old baby who had spent 5 of his 6 months in a the hospital with cancer. After finally getting a clean bill of health, the baby wasn’t going to be released as he wasn’t drinking anything despite the staff’s best efforts. Luckily, one of the nurses brought in an organicKidz® bottle – the baby took to it immediately and was released a day later after spending virtually his entire life in the hospital. His parents and staff were referring to organicKidz® bottles as “miracle bottles.” As Jane put it, “Hearing stories like this validates everything I’m trying to accomplish.”

Since then, organicKidz® baby bottles have taken off. In addition to being sold in many countries around the world, organicKidz®bottles were named a Top Baby Product of 2012 by NBC’s The Today Show.

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