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The Boob Group
“Baby & Me” by organicKidz is the very first nursing cover to allow mom and baby to maintain constant eye contact and the only cover that won’t flop on baby! The addition of a second rim means baby can nurse without material constantly rubbing against them. “Baby & Me” makes for a more relaxing time with mom.
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Cool Mom Picks
Oh, the bottle stage. I remember jiggling wailing, hungry babies whose only goal  in life was to get some warm milk, and those minutes of waiting for bottles to  warm would seem like hours.  This time around, I’ve discovered a fantastic  alternative to those dreaded bottle-warming-minutes.
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Africa’s Blog
…Now the latest and greatest from organicKidz, the Baby Grows Up Bottle Set a bottle that goes from newborn through preschool!  It’s truly a bottle that can transition with your child from bottle feeding to sippy cup to water bottle by simple attaching the accessories included in the kit as bay grows up!
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Ashley Suzanne
This 12 ounce container is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free! It is sleek, lightweight, and free of bulky plastic that other containers have. Another plus is that it keeps your foods hot or cold for up to 6 hours. Not only are they perfect for your little ones, but they are also neat to have for carrying soup or ice cream as a snack for you!

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Babies 411
We were ecstatic when our friends at organicKidz sent us their brand new baby & me nursing covers to try out and review. As a lactation consultant, I have seen a variety  of nursing covers, but not one as cleverly designed as this one.

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The organicKidz baby grows up 9oz bottle kit was recently awarded the B. EcoChic Seal of Approval, for safety, quality, and sustainability.

We got a chance to review the kit ourselves and we loved it.  Each kit comes with one wide-mouthed 9oz stainless steel bottle that will take your child from bottle, to sippy, to grade school.
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Ask the Lactation Consultant
OrganicKidz asked me to review this lovely nursing cover called the Baby & Me nursing cover.
It is a lightweight cotton with an adjustable strap AND a really cool DOUBLE boning TWO RIM design.
I used to sew covers for friends and I applied single boning to allow for view of the baby but this double rimmed design is a lot more sturdy. I can see how this would be very user friendly.
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the bump
Every baby needs a baby bottle. Parents know to steer clear of materials like BPA, Phthalates, and latex nipples. Some folks may go as far as avoiding plastic bottles altogether even if the bottles are labelled as BPA-free. So what’s left – fragile glass bottles? No, there’s another alternative…it’s stainless steel!
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Jane Walter, founder of organicKidz, is a woman of action. When she first heard about the danger of BPA in baby bottles, she took it upon herself to design and manufacture a new line of safe, fun, stainless-steel bottles.
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The Mommy Dialogues
Harper is pretty much a EBF baby, so we don’t own a bunch of bottles. All the bottles I do own are glass though. Even if the packaging says “BPA free,” I have a hard time believing that there isn’t a small amount of chemicals being released into the product Plus I am not a good hand washer, so everything goes straight into the dishwasher.
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Donna’s Hup
organicKidz brings you the world’s first stainless steel baby bottles as a safe and practical alternative to plastic, aluminum and glass drinking containers. Made with babies and parents in mind, organicKidz bottles are free of the toxins that plastics can contain and won’t break like glass bottles.
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Fuggs and Foach
I received a 7oz. blue Stainless Steel Baby Bottle with blue pokadots on it from organicKidz to review. Included was 2 sippy cup adapters. Right away I knew John my 3 year old would LOVE this item. .. it’s perfect size for his little hands.
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Africa’s Blog
I never knew there was so much to learn about bottles. How in the world can you go wrong with a baby bottle? They are all the same right? HAHA…. I thought so too until I stumbled upon these fun bottles.
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Wee Share
As parents, we want nothing more than to keep our children safe, happy and healthy. I am on a mission to find the best and safest products for our little ones and organicKidz is a company that makes it easy!
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