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organicKidz® FAQ’s


Q: What is BPA? Are your bottles BPA Free? Show Answer

Q: Are your bottles free of PVC’s and Phthalates? Show Answer

Q: Will my child get a metallic taste in their mouth when drinking from organicKidz®stainless steel bottles? Show Answer

Q: Are there other advantages of stainless steel that I should be aware of? Show Answer

Q: How do I sterilize organicKidz® bottles? Show Answer

Q: Are organicKidz® bottles dishwasher safe? Show Answer

Q: Can I put the bottles into the microwave? Show Answer

Q: How do I heat my organicKidz® bottles? Show Answer

Q: I am concerned that the stainless steel will get too hot for my child. Show Answer

Q: How do I know how much liquid is in my stainless steel bottle?  Show Answer

Q: My lid is loose – is this okay?  Show Answer

Q: Are all of your bottles thermal? Show Answer

Q: My bottle ring broke, can I still use my bottle? Show Answer

Q: Does organicKidz® offer a Sippy Cup as well? Show Answer

Q: Do all organicKidz®   bottles turn into Water Bottles? Show Answer

Q: Are organicKidz® bottles recyclable? Show Answer

Q: My wide mouth lid is hard to get off the bottle. Show Answer

Q: Should I use my organicKidz® lid when I am using the bottle stopper? Show Answer

Q: Do other brands of nipples work with organicKidz® bottles? Show Answer

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