organicKidz® Giving Back  




10 000 Kids Project

organicKidz® donates bottles to several charities events across Canada and the United States each year.  Additionally, we have started our own Society to help out where we can.

“After seeing a tweet come across our Twitter board that 10 000 Calgary kids go to school hungry, I wanted to do something about it. It reminded me of the children I used to teach in high needs schools.  Some kids would come to school without breakfast and return to school after lunch without having eaten still.  It was heart breaking.  6 amazing local entrepreneurs joined me to form the 10 000 kids project Society and it’s our goal to help children in need in our city.”   Jane Walter, Founder, organicKidz®

The 10 000 kids project is driven to change our city 10 000 kids at a time.  Our mission is to support a cause that will improve the lives of 10 000 Calgary children in need.  In 2011 we focused on hunger in school children, raising enough money to provide for close to 150 000 healthy lunches for Calgary school children who wouldn’t otherwise have them.  Our next fundraiser will be for the Alberta Children’s Hospital where it’s our hope to help 10 000 unwell Calgary children.