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Better Baby Bottles – Q&A with Jane Walter founder of organicKidz
December 2011

We have many moms and dads here at Stonyfield and we love to give our little ones safe products that make us feel good. That certainly applies to one of our myStonyfield Rewards partners and their line of baby bottles and so we wanted you to get to know a company we love.

We’d like to introduce you to our new friend Jane Walter, founder of organicKidz. organicKidz is a family owned and operated business which makes safe and environmentally friendly baby bottles which you’ll now find through our myStonyfield Rewards Program!

So, Jane, tell us more:

1) How did your company get started?

organicKidz was started to provide parents, and their children, with safer, greener products. When my children were babies they were exposed to BPA (bisphenol A) in their polycarbonate bottles. I had purchased what were supposed to be “the best” baby bottles on the market. Unfortunately, they ended up being one of the brands with the highest levels of BPA in them. I wanted to make the safest, greenest bottle so other parents would have peace of mind when feeding their own children. That meant creating the world’s first Stainless Steel Baby Bottle. Stainless steel is made of all natural elements so it doesn’t have BPA, PVC,
Phthalates or other toxins that plastic bottles can, and it won’t shatter like glass. It’s the safer, greener choice.

2) What is your company’s mission/philosophy?

At organicKidz we believe that access to safe products for children should be a right, not an option. We understand that the purchases we make have a huge impact on the world our children live in. This is why we make our products from Stainless Steel. Free from toxins, 100% recyclable and naturally bacteria resistant – what could be better? At organicKidz, our products grow with your child from birth to toddler to school and beyond. Affordable and versatile…better for our children…better for our planet.

3) Why are you excited about being a partner in the rewards program?

You’ll always find a Stonyfield cow somewhere in our refrigerator – we love Stonyfield products because we know they’re good for our children. We don’t
have to give it a second thought! So when the opportunity came up to partner with Stonyfield in the Rewards Program – we were honored. Like Stonyfield and their other Rewards Partners, we’re trying to help parents raise healthy children by providing them with safe, natural choices.

4) Tell us about one thing your company is working on right now that you are really excited about.

We’re working on our new 11oz Thermal Baby Bottle and Thermal Food Containers which will hit store shelves in 2012. Parents won’t have to worry about carrying ice packs or insulated bags to help them keep milk cold anymore. Now play dates, outings and travel will be much easier! They’ll be great too for carrying hot sterile water for formula feeding throughout the day. Like all our baby bottles, our 11oz bottles will convert to Sippy Cup and then to Water Bottle when your child is ready. We’re excited that we’re going to give parents more flexibility in their daily lives and provide them will long lasting products.

5) What is your favorite flavor of Stonyfield yogurt (or product)?

That depends on who you talk to in our house! French Vanilla is always a hit, but Strawberry…well, that’s my favorite!



Friday, September 2, 2011

OrganicKidz is one of my favorite, BPA, stainless steel brands. I love that they are Canadian, I love that it is a nice alternative to the common plastic bottles out there, they are durable and won’t break or shatter, naturally bacteria resistant(YAY!)  I can’t tell you how I hate cleaning plastic only to find little dark spots of mold in the most difficult places along the rim and neck of bottles and spouts.

We got a 4oz one to review(see pic to the right) and what I loved was the toddler sippy spout.  It wasn’t hard like Advents nipples, it was soft, super easy to clean because it is made of silicone so it’s easy to get in there.

Love the quality, sleek design and it’s perfect for us.

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles:

  • 4 and 7oz Narrow Necked single hulled bottles for easy warming
  • 9oz Narrow Necked vacuum insulated bottles so liquids keep cold for 5-6 hours
  • 4oz and 9oz Wide Mouthed single hulled bottles available
  • 2oz lid for easy measuring
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Compatible with most narrow necked  nipples
  • Light weight and dishwasher safe
  • Unbreakable and dent resistant
  • Their products are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard





A stainless steel baby bottle? YES!

You hear a lot about BPA in plastic baby bottles and its dangers to babies, but what is BPA really?   Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable and a safe alternative to glass, plastic and aluminum. 

Stainless steel baby bottles are durable, easy to clean, heat up quickly, typically contain up to 60% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable!

What’s not to love ?

BPA (Bisphenol A) was originally introduced as an estrogen-mimic, though its use now is primarily reserved for polycarbonate plastic production. Studies show that BPA has been linked to brain damage, cancer, increased risk of obesity and attention-deficit disorder.


Made from the purest elements on the earth (Chromium, Nitrogen, Nickel, etc.), Stainless steel baby bottles are naturally resistant to bacterial growth, and are dishwasher safe to promote easy, fast cleaning and sterilize easily. This form of stainless steel is used for surgical devices, dental implants, food containers, etc. It is 100% BPA free and plastic free.

 Stainless steel newborn bottles also heat contents quickly basically by placing them inside a container of warm water, or running them under the warm water tap. The easy-to-hold bottles also fit most warming devices, giving parents ultimate freedom in temperature control.

so now, the goods…

Organic kidz has an awesome line of bottles for your babe available in 3 sizes; 4oz, 7oz and 9oz. They are light weight and dishwasher safe. The Bottles are made with kids in mind, are easy to hold and hard to damage. The 4 and 7oz are single hulled bottles for easy warming. The 9oz are vacuum insulated bottles to keep liquids hot or cold for approximately 5 hours. They have a 2oz lid for easy measuring. The bottles are even compatible with most narrow necked nipples.

All of their products are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard.




organicKidz® Stainless Steel Baby Bottles Review

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I breastfed both of my children and I plan on breastfeeding my third but everyone needs some baby bottles in my opinion! Whether you need them for storing your pumped breast milk, delivering the milk when you can’t be there, for formula, or just for water, it is always good to have a few on hand.

OrganicKidz caught my eye when I saw that they make a stainless steel baby bottle! I was immediately interested because not only can I be sure that it is BPA free, I also love that it is a green alternative. Stainless Steel is a 100% recyclable product and 50-60% of every Stainless Steel product is made from recycled materials. The most obvious advantage to stainless steel is its durability and longevity. Furthermore, it will not shatter when dropped, or scratch with normal use. The scratch resistance of Stainless Steel also means that food or bacteria cannot find a place to hide, even after washing. And that is the #1 reason I was interested in the stainless steel bottle- hygiene. I always despised how hard it is to get plastic bottles and sippy cups clean! Plastic always seems to absorb the smell of the contents. Stainless Steel is the first choice of hospitals, kitchens and food processing plants because of its easy cleaning ability and it is not prone to increased wear and tear from repeated washing. Yay stainless steel bottles! Oh, and one more thing, they convert to stainless steelsippy cups with a nipple switch and handle accessory- awesome!

Features of organicKidz® Stainless Steel Baby Bottles:

* only the best quality 304 18/8 stainless steel

* 4 and 7oz Narrow Necked single hulled bottles for easy warming

* 9oz Narrow Necked vacuum insulated bottles so liquids keep cold for 5-6 hours

* 4oz and 9oz Wide Mouthed single hulled bottles available

* 2oz lid for easy measuring

* BPA, PVC and Phthalate free

* compatible with most narrow necked nipples

* light weight and dishwasher safe

* unbreakable and dent resistant

* packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard

So now you know why I was excited about trying an organicKidz bottle for my baby that is on the way- greener, cleaner, and safer! I chose to try the 4oz wide mouthed stainless steel bottle. I chose the smaller size because I will just be using it for occasional extra fluids and for pumping and I never get very much milk expressed at one time! I picked the wide mouthed bottle because I think they are easier to clean. I also dig that is is compatible with the Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump which is what I used with my first two. I really like that it has a nice stainless steel cover for the nipple and both nipple and the bottle have measuring marks in case you need them.  

To me, organicKidz is the best bottle I could find for sanitary reasons and I am so excited to be able to use it for my third!





Monday, 4 October 2010

OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

I have just discovered these amazing new baby feeding bottles!  Created by Jane Walter, a Canadian mum concerned with the health of her children. They go by the name of OrganicKidz, and I think they are going to create a storm!
Why?  (they’re just baby bottles after all!)

Well, you may or may not be aware of the health concerns related to BPAs (Bisphenol A – a compound used to make plastic more rigid) Pthalates and PVC in plastics. These compounds leak from the plastic that our food containers are made from into our food, especially of heated, or contains fat. This includes plastic baby feeding bottles-  its a frightening thought what chemical reactions are going on when we heat our baby’s formula milk.

Many studies have indicated that there are concerns about BPA’s effects on infant and fetal development.  In April 2008, the Canadian Government listed BPA as toxic and banned the use of polycarbonate plastic in baby bottles and infant formula can linings.

…there are a number of things that sticks out as really different with the OrganicKidz design.

Here are some of the points that I think you’ll like-
  • Hygienic (did I spell that right?;) ) Stainless steel is scratch resistant, and therefore no nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. The bottles are naturally bacteria resistant.
  • No harmful substances to leak out Stainless steel metal pins are used in surgery as they don’t corrode
  • Easy to clean There’s no need for strong chemicals, and the bottles can be steamed to sterilise
  • Durable Much tougher than glass or plastic- no worries if you drop it, although handwashing is preferrable to dishwashing (the top shelf should be OK according to OrganicKidz FAQ’s
  • 100 % recyclable

They come in some colourful designs, and are compatible with many standard teats. The plastic bottle rings are made without BPAs and therefore seem to need a little extra care as they are less strong than BPA plastics.

OrganicKidz baby feeding bottles have won a string of awards in the USA, and may well do the same over here on the other side of the pond.
If I was needing to bottle feed, this is a product I would definately want to use. And don’t they just look great?! 




Testing out the new OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Bottles on the East Coast

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog,
Hope you had a good summer. We’re just getting back from the east coast and getting caught up on everything and that means doing a recap of our summer activities.
Before we left, I was contacted by Michael from OrganicKidz to see if we might be interested in carrying his line of stainless steel baby and toddler bottles. I took a look at the information he sent me and I thought that it would be prefect opportunity to try them out during our east coast trip. I ordered a few, and was especially excited to try the thermal baby bottle during our long day trips.
Here is a quick write up of the thermal bottle:
organicKidz® is proud to have the world’s only thermal baby bottle in our 9oz/ 270ml narrow necked bottle. Liquids will be kept hot or cold for over 6 hours.
These bottles look fantastic, and we received compliments on them everywhere we went (just yesterday we were at Hathaway’s Diner and two separate people thought they looked “funky” and “cute”). My favorite though was the thermal bottle and boy, did it take a beating on our trip! Amelia is going through a phase right now where she throws food, bottles, etc. when she is done with them. This poor bottle was thrown all over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and it still looks like it’s in great shape. They are not kidding when they say they are unbreakable!
The thermal bottle did indeed keep the beverage cold for 6 hours, which was such a life saver on our long day trips to places like Lunenberg. I really liked that it held 9oz as well, it was the perfect size to have for an all day outing. 
I think it is great that these bottles can “grow” with your child – you can use a slow flow nipple, a fast flow nipple, and then you can get a sippy spout for toddlers. They are also compatible with several other brand name accessories.


These bottles have officially passed the “Amelia Test”, and I am excited to be offering them through la la ladybug very shortly. Look for OrganicKidz bottles starting in October 2010.
I just took this photo of our thermal bottle – still looks great! 


Some more information about organicKidz® Stainless Steel Baby Bottles:


  • 4 and 7oz Narrow Necked single hulled bottles for easy warming
  • 9oz Narrow Necked vacuum insulated bottles so liquids keep cold for 5-6 hours
  • 4oz and 9oz Wide Mouthed single hulled bottles available
  • 2oz lid for easy measuring
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Compatible with most narrow necked nipples
  • Light weight and dishwasher safe
  • Unbreakable and dent resistant

Our products are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard




OrganicKidz has created a line of stainless steel baby bottles (with attachable “sippy cup” spouts) that has garnered a ton of attention in recent months. iParenting Media and Hot Award recipient, has named this the top green and organic product of 2009. These adorable and unbreakable, dishwasher safe bottles are BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free and come in multiple sizes. The lids also double as 2-oz measuring cups making it super easy to measure formula or milk while on the go. Not to mention, the stainless steel keeps your hot or cold liquid insulated for hours. Bottom line, this is a must must must have! Sold at


Organic Kidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle and Sippy Spouts Review

August 3, 2010 by Vivian


Talking about baby bottles, we often get the chance to buy plastic or that sort of materials. Now since technology really evolves so much at this time, a lot of discoveries are being shared with us and its sole purpose is for us to live a better life and enjoy the best of it. This may be a simple product, but when we are talking about long lasting and safe usage, you may thank yourself for being part of this century. You may click on OrganicKidz to discover the amazing baby bottles. Baby bottles should be safe and should last longer. It’s one of our priority lists when we are preparing for that special moment. It should have good quality that is why we opt for the brand that we truly trust.

My 2 year old daughter loves her raspberry stainless steel baby bottle and sippy spouts which I got for review. I like this stainless steel bottle more than Dr. browns glass bottles because stainless steel is not easy to break and it is scratch protected. Just like in hospitals, they use stainless steep because it is safe. The fact that it won’t easily leave a mark or grate, it is safe to say that bacteria will not easily cling to it. It is still safe to use even when it’s expose to heat and cold, which is the opposite when it is made up of plastic. It is easy to clean as well and I will not have to worry for any unpleasant odor after washing which means it is totally clean, simple washing detergent will do. Again, stainless steel is safe to use because it is BPA free. BPA is a chemical being used in plastics and based on researches it’s actually causing cancer. You might worry about that if you are supposed to use hot water, it may be a danger to your kid. However, stainless steel cools down a little faster. You will easily determine if it’s hot or cold. Another good thing about this Organickidz stainless steel baby bottle is that it can match any other nipple brand in the market. And what I and my 2 year old daughter love the most is that, she can use the sippy spout too preparing her to get rid of the silicon nipples we attached to it. Sippy spouts will also prepare her to be detached from baby bottles in the near future. They offer different colors for sippy spouts which I am sure your kids will love.

Check OrganicKidz site now. You will surely love those different designs, sizes and colors for your kid’s baby bottle. Always look for the best!



So the last of my baby bottle reviews is one of my all time favorites. It is so unique and such a simple concept, I am so surprised we don’t see more of them! I am talking about Stainless Steel Baby Bottles from OrganicKidz. I went on a search for these kinds of baby bottles, because I knew they had to exist. We have stainless steel water bottles, why not baby bottles? OrganicKidz

delivers an extremely innovative product and I am so happy I get to include them in my Baby Shower Bash!
So I guess the first question is, why stainless steel? I talk quite a bit on my blog about BPA and all of the dangers out there regarding plastic. Now, me personally, I buy as little plastic as humanly possible. I know almost all of it is BPA free now, but to me, I just do not trust it. So when I have my third, its gonna be mainly glass and stainless steel if I have to pump my milk and give baby a bottle. This may not be a huge concern for many out there, but I wanted to feature different bottles to show you what is available. The OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottl




e is unbreakable(so this is a benefit over glass), BPA free, PVC free, and is naturally bacteria resistant. I see no reason to not use a stainless steel baby bottle, except they are not readily available to most people.
For review I was sent a 4 ounce baby bottle and I cannot wait to use this on my third. Once again, just like my other bottle reviews, I did not get to actually test drive this on a baby, but I did play with it and I adore this bottle. I was sent the stainless steel bottle with green printing on the outside, which I thought was fitting for my crunchy blog. Take a look:
So, when I showed this to a few people I know, they had questions about being able to see the liquid inside and how much you’re giving baby. I played around with this bottle extensively by pouring water in. The measurements are visible when you look inside the bottle, so there is no issue with not giving baby the proper amount. The lid doubles as a 2 ounce measuring cup, which is super handy when using formula. The OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottles




are compatible with most narrow-necked nipples as well. The bottle I received is a narrow-neck bottle, but the bottle openings also come in a wide-mouth version in both 4 and 8 ounces.
So, let me get back to a few more reasons why you should choose stainless steel baby bottles. Like I said above, they are naturally bacteria resistant, which makes them super sanitary. They are also highly recyclable. I know with plastics, I am always checking the numbers on the bottom to see what I am able to recycle in my area. The most obvious advantage is the durability of the bottles. Plastics become scratched and worn and need to be thrown out with each baby. Stainless steel baby bottles last for a few kids! The alloy composition of steel means it wont break down or become brittle when exposed to heat and cold sources. I love that they wont break when they are dropped and no scratches from daily use. Because it is so scratch resistant, there are no places for food or bacteria to hide. These bottles get really clean!
I love this quote on the website from the Financial Post (February 23, 2008):
“They put stainless steel pins your body and people live with them….There is no health issue”
Doesn’t that make perfect sense? I know I want something 100% safe for my babies, and I know with OrganicKidz




Stainless Steel Baby Bottles, I am getting that safety.
Now, lets talk about where we can buy these babies. OrganicKidz products are made in Canada. You can purchase any of their product on the OrganicKidz website, or you can find a store near you. For US locations, click here




I highly recommend these to any mother who may need a bottle. I know I will be giving them as gifts to my new mommy friends!






Editor’s Pick: MORE Baby and Children Products “Must Haves” from The Celebrity Boom Boom Room
Jennifer Brandt Herschko
Thu Jan 21 2010, 7:25pm UTC |

Last week, some of Hollywood’s new moms and dads came together to check out the hottest baby and children’s products on the market at the 5th Annual Celebrity Baby Boom Boom Room. For the past 3 years, I’ve attended this awesome event– and as a new-ish mom myself, this event is an awesome opportunity to check out current trends, but also the must-have products for all parents.
Here are some more of my pick’s from the Boom Boom Room:

BABY BOTTLES – Organic Kidz

OrganicKidz has created a line of stainless steel baby bottles (with attachable “sippy cup” spouts) that has garnered a ton of attention in recent months. iParenting Media and Hot Award recipient, has named this the top green and organic product of 2009. These adorable and unbreakable, dishwasher safe bottles are BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free and come in multiple sizes. The lids also double as 2-oz measuring cups making it super easy to measure formula or milk while on the go. Not to mention, the stainless steel keeps your hot or cold liquid insulated for hours. Bottom line, this is a must must must have!


The OrganicKidz Baby Bottles have got to be the best

bottles on the market. These adorable stainless steel bottles have won numerous awards and I can see why. Stainless steel is perfect for a baby bottle because there is a zero health issue. These bottles are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free. They will not break like glass, they are light weight and dishwasher safe and are naturally bacteria resistant. As if all this wasn’t enough, the design of each bottle is so cute that mom’s will have a hard time choosing between polka dots, stripes and colors from raspberry pink to sunshine yellow. They come in multiple sized adnt he lids double as 2-oz measuring cups.
I also love that their packaging is made from unbleached cardboard and is 100% recyclable (as is stainless steel).
Whahooooo for OrganicKidz!


Finding the right baby bottle- thanks to OrganicKidz

When my firstborn was a baby I had oodles of breast milk in the freezer. We introduced her to the bottle at around 6 weeks and she would often enjoy some bonding time with her Papa while he fed her the bottle of milk that I had just expressed (for those of you with a gaggle of kids like I now have please feel free to snicker).
Five years and 2 kids later, the pumping, cleaning, storing and feeding process just seems too time consuming. Mathea (my third) had her first bottle at around 6 weeks, same as I did with the other two, and seemed to have no problem with it. I assumed that we were in the clear, bottle-wise, and didn’t bother giving her another one until a month or so later.
I was “on duty” at my son’s Parent Participation Preschool, and had left Mathea in the loving arms of her aunt. When feeding time rolled around Mathea absolutely refused to take the bottle! My sister-in-law tried giving it to her on and off for the next hour, but to no avail. When my preschool duties had drawn to a close I stepped in and tried my luck. I was in a quandary now because I didn’t want to waste that precious bottle of milk! I couldn’t refreeze it and I was counting on pumping that feeding to replenish my freezer with it’s lone bottle of milk.
Next month and next duty day we ran into the same problem. Every time the bottle went to her mouth Mathea would act as if the bottle was a torture device! We went through our share of various nipples and bottles and finally settled on the beautiful stainless steel baby bottles by a Calgary mom, called OrganicKidz. Jane Walter has been getting a lot of great press lately, supplying the Boom Boom Room with her wares at the recent Golden Globe Awards, and winning several prestigious awards since founding her company in 2008. She was also recently featured in The Calgary Herald.
Well thank goodness for Jane Walters and her creation! Mathea’s OrganicKidz bottle has been such a life-saver for this busy mama. It has allowed me to continue being involved in both of my older kids’ schools, as well as slip out for the occasional romantic dinner with my husband. Hurray, from one mother to another!
We’d like you to have the same opportunity to try these great bottles at a great price! Enter coupon code lifesaver between now and Feb 14,2010 for 25% off of OrganicKidz bottles at Better Baby Bums!



super sipping
Filed Under Going Green, Stuff | January 11, 2010
We’re always on the lookout for safer sipping options for our kids and we’re particularly fond of stainless steel bottles from OrganicKidz. Not only are they a Canadian company but their bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel which is naturally bacterial resistant and they’re lead, BPA and PVC-free.
And we like them even better now they’ve added a sippy cup conversion kit to their offerings. Why is the kit the best part? Well once your tot outgrows the silicon nipple that each bottle originally comes with you can use the kit to make the bottle last from infanthood right through toddlerhood. As the bottles cost from $18 to $20 each – not the cheapest around, although we suspect they might be the most durable – this substantially decreases your cost per use and items in the landfill. The kits are designed to work with their narrow necked bottles that come in four, seven and nine oz sizes and lots of fun designs. The nine oz bottle is also vacuum insulated to keep liquids hot or cold for up to six hours.
Because the bottles aren’t wide our pint-sized tester who was just transitioning from bottle to cup found it really easy to hold by herself compared to other sippy cups. Which delighted both she and her mother. Her mum also appreciated how easy it was to tote the bottle about in her diaper bag – they’re quite lightweight – and the fact that it’s dishwasher (and sterilizer) safe as well. The only thing she wasn’t so keen on was the difficulty in telling how much her little sipper had consumed. The single hulled four and seven oz bottles do have a scale on their sides to allow you to gauge how much is in the bottle but it’s definitely not as easy as quick and easy as with an opaque bottle.
We noticed that next up they’re adding a sports spout which means one bottle (plus a few accessories) could last you from infanthood to elementary school. Go Canada!



Go Green With Stainless Steel Baby Bottles
January 8th, 2010 by barb

Are you shopping for an alternative to plastic baby bottles? Well look no further than organicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottles. These bottles are BPA and lead free, and are available in 40z, 7oz 9 oz bottles. The lid is a 2oz durable stainless steel design which can be used a measuring cup. Awesome eh? The stainless steel baby bottles are easy to hold and easy to clean. Good news is they are unbreakable and also dent resistant. My favorite is the Brown Dots Baby Bottle. Check out for more designs. Payment can be made via Paypal and they accept major credit cards. I wonder if they have phone check for those who would like to pay by check?



Stainless steel baby bottles
New baby bottles offer an eco-savvy alternative to plastic and glass.
Thu, Jan 07 2010 at 2:00 PM EST

Jenn Savadge
While many plastic baby bottles do not contain BPA, even BPA-free plastic can leach petroleum byproducts and other chemical components of plastic when heated, scuffed, scratched or worn. Glass bottles are an inexpensive baby bottle option, but glass comes with its own safety hazards … you can’t exactly toss a glass baby bottle in the car or the bottom of your bag and expect it to remain intact. And forget about letting your baby hold her own bottle (and potentially toss it across the room!)

So what’s an eco-minded parent to do? Stainless steel baby bottles are a good option. These bottles are relatively new to the market, but there are a few to choose from right now, and surely a bunch more on the way soon. The best part about stainless steel bottles is that they don’t need a special lining, so they’ll never leach nasty chemicals into your baby’s beverage.

Here are a few good ones to try:

Canada’s Organic Kidz makes a cool line of stainless steel baby bottles in sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 9 oz. The bottles are designed to work with most narrow-necked nipples…you won’t have to worry about breakage like you would with plastic and glass bottles.


Trend alert: Baby bottles made of steel

Ever since the news broke that many hard plastic baby bottles contain a potentially harmful substance called Bisphenol A (BPA) shopping for a bottle has been a huge headache. Things got even worse when earlier this year a Canadian study found that several brands advertised as BPA-free contained the compound.

If you have attempted to read through the endless articles and studies on this topic, then you’re probably overwhelmed, frustrated, even mad. Some scientists believe BPA is harmful and causes everything from cancer to autism, while others consider it innocuous and blame the media for blowing the issue out of proportion. The arguments on both sides are convincing. What to do?
Canadian-based OrganicKidz has released a stainless steel baby bottle that allows you to get away from plastic and the BPA nightmare all together. The bottles are similar to the popular Klean Kanteen water bottles and sippy cups that parents give their children. OrganicKidz bottles are lightweight and durable. They’re made of stainless steel because it’s nonleaching, inert, sanitary, durable, and free of BPA, PVC, and phtalates. Plus, it’s the material of choice among the food processing, dairy and brewing industries.
The stylish bottles are available in 4- and 7-ounce sizes that can be warmed, and a 9-ounce vacuum insulated bottle keeps baby’s drink cold for up to five hours. The bottles are scratch-resistant, so they help keep bacteria at bay, and they can be used with most narrow-necked nipples.

Posted By: Amy Graff (Email) | September 22 2009 at 04:39 PM