Why Stainless Steel?

organicKidz® Stainless Steel Baby Bottles, offer a number of advantages over the mainstream plastic or glass alternatives. From hygiene to impact resistance to recyclable, organicKidz® stainless steel products should be your first choice for your family

The most obvious advantage to stainless steel is its durability and longevity.  This is because of its alloy composition (meaning it is a composite of a number of metals).   The result is an inert metal that is resistant to corrosion and will not break down or become brittle when exposed to heat or cold.  Unlike some plastics, it does not need additional chemical treatments to increase its durability.   Furthermore, it will not shatter when dropped, or scratch with normal use. The scratch resistance of Stainless Steel also means that food or bacteria cannot find a place to hide, even after washing.

Which leads to our next point, Stainless Steel is the first choice of hospitals, kitchens and food processing plants because of its easy cleaning ability. You do not need to use strong chemical cleaners to ensure that the product is clean and it is not prone to increased wear and tear from repeated washing.

Finally, Stainless Steel is a 100% recyclable product.  In fact the industry has aggressively pursued recycling strategies for many years.  In 2002 alone,  approximately 12 million tonnes of stainless steel was recycled.   This means that 50-60% of every Stainless Steel product is made from recycled materials (International Stainless Steel Forum, http://www.worldstainless.org/ISSF/Files/Recycling/Flash.html)

As pointed out in the Financial Post (February 23, 2008)
…”They put stainless steel pins in your body and people live with them…There is no health issue.”
This line sums up the advantages of Stainless Steel very clearly. organicKidz®Stainless Steel products are at their heart, a safer, greener choice for your family