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“Just wanted you to know that I’m loving the bottles so far, and I’m getting lots of compliments on them too…. We had a play date last night and the little boy was throwing the bottles around – you aren’t kidding when we you say they are not breakable!” – Jaclyn

“Your bottles r loved by our 5 children! Which means they have taken trips to the splash parks, the zoo, the corn maze and lots of bike rides! Love them” – Julie

“Makers of the safest and best baby bottles!” – Sheila Hollender, Seventh Generation

“My Thermal bottle save my life in New York City last month. Even if the weather was hot hot hot, the milk was cold cold cold more than 6 hours after the moment we left the Hotel!” – Joannie

“One of our favourite Earth Friendly Finds” – Pregnancy and Newborn Buyer’s Guide

“…when we are talking about long lasting and safe usage, … click on organicKidz® to discover the amazing baby bottles.” – Natural Baby Goods

“For your bottles only being on the site for part of the month, it is incredible that you had (so many) redemptions!” – Amy Plourde, Stonyfield Farms

“Mine have been sitting in the nursery waiting for baby to be born. Your bottles are beautiful, they are the only kind we own!” – Gina

“But the revolutionary part is that the bottles are thermal, meaning they keep liquids hot or cold for six or more hours. Parents don’t have to find hot water sources or refrigeration to get to the right temperature before mealtime. Genius!” – Nickelodeon, Parents Connect

“It is so unique and such a simple concept, … I am talking about Stainless Steel Baby Bottles from organicKidz®!” – Mama’s Getting Kinda Crunchy

“I have to say how nice it is to deal with a company who pays such attention to detail!!! I just received the bottles, they look fantastic! I cant wait to use them. Thank you again and i will be sure to rave about your products to everyone that i can. I look forward to talking soon” – Kelly

“LOVE the bottle it really is a GREAT product. The girls have used glass bottles since birth but these stainless steel have been a saving grace now they are toddling.” -Sue

“Thank you for your great idea! I have been looking for “you” for 2 years!” -Dawn

“Well the bottle was a hit! My 4 month-old has been pretty tricky to get a bottle into but she just gulped this one down! Hurray! How’s that for a success story, eh?” – Corrina

“The bottles came in the mail, I just love them! Awe, makes me wish I had known about them when my kids were younger And the designs are awesome, so much better than plastic – in all ways.” – Tammi

“I just saw your new website!!! simply AWESOME and GENIUS!!!! bottles in the form of a baby carriage!!! makes me want to buy it all up.. in fact I THINK I REALLY will.. leave my awesome bottles behind here.. to a friend not able to get them on her own( third on the way).. and have a new set sent out to my home!!!!!” – Jamie

“Thank you for your follow up today and your excellent customer service. Seems as though it’s a rare concept these days so it’s refreshing to come across someone who truly believes in total customer satisfaction.” – Tatiana

“How cute!! I am so glad that organicKidz® Baby Bottles do not contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC’s or lead. What a BLESSING~
I love the Blue Brown Dots Baby Bottle!!!” – Leslie

“As an expectant mom who plans to pump, I have been worried about bottles. I have never heard of stainless steel bottles…this is genius! I’d choose the pink stripes” – Teresha

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